The Lost Pearl

The Lost Pearl - Lara Zuberi We all understand what emotions, feelings and tragedies could do to us but little do we understand until we are subjected to them. Others can feel your pain only when they have gone through it themselves and therein, lays the experience. In this tale of tragedy, trauma and politically changing world, Lara Zuberi has beautifully created a tale of a young girl Sana who fights the world alone for the love of her assassinated father. Looking closely at Sana’s character, it made me feel like I was looking through a mirror as her pain could be easily felt by me. With Lara’s beautiful descriptions of the scenarios and places and even Sana’s feelings as she grew up, it made me live the story in my mind’s eye. The story is beautifully carved with a genuine flow with the events generally flowing throughout although it had me gripping me the pages when Sana comes to know about Ahmar’s father.

Lara Zuberi had done a great job by weaving a tale that is worth reading. Her wonderful knowledge of history and the current affairs had helped us relive the past and understand the turmoil and the perils that had befallen our country over the years.

A wonderful and gripping tale. Good job!